5 places to eat in Jamestown you’ve (probably) never been to

It is impossible to deny the foodie powerhouses we have in the City of Jamestown like AJ's Texas Hots, Forte, Labyrinth Press Co., and more. So we wanted to highlight some places you (probably) haven't been to. Whether they are off the beaten path, new to the area, or an old favorite you haven't visited in a while, check out these places the next time you ask yourself or a loved one: "Where do you want to eat tonight?"

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5. Phil n’ Cindy’s Lunch

Sure, we all know where it is… but have you actually been there? Lately? Phil n’ Cindy’s is one of the best breakfast spots in Jamestown – hands down. You would be hard pressed to find better people and we KNOW you won’t find better home fries. Whether you go for breakfast or lunch, you are going to get some amazing food and service. These folks have been kicking butt for decades, but it surprises us how many people say they have never been (or at least haven’t visited lately). Phil n’ Cindy’s make #5 on our list because we think you need to get reacquainted with an old favorite. NOTE: Be sure to bring cash with you because credit cards are not currently accepted.

Our Favorite: An order of their giant French toast with a side of extra crispy bacon and bottomless coffee is what we recommend! You also can’t go wrong with an omelet and some of their signature home fries.

4. Caribbean Diner

 Caribbean Diner's rice, beans, pork, and salad combo with empanadillas and chipotle dipping sauce.

Caribbean Diner's rice, beans, pork, and salad combo with empanadillas and chipotle dipping sauce.

It is no secret that Chautauqua County is a melting pot of cultures with deep Swedish, Italian, Irish, and Hispanic heritage. That being said, really great Hispanic foods are still hard to come by (especially in southern Chautauqua County). The Caribbean Diner fits the bill perfectly and they are one of the newest restaurants in the downtown dining scene. The Puerto Rican and Cuban inspired restaurant is located at the corner of Fourth and Washington: easy to walk to on a short lunch downtown! The flavors in the pork, beef, and chicken will blow you away and the empanadillas are outstanding. Not into meats? Their rice, beans, and salads are homeruns also. The next time you’re looking for some Hispanic cuisine, skip the familiar/average tacos and try something authentic… you won’t be disappointed!

Our Favorite: Rice and Pork Combo. This dynamite dish includes red rice, seasoned pork meat, beans, and a small salad. Do yourself a favor and order an empanadilla with chipotle dipping sauce too. Even if you have to take some leftovers home because you can’t finish it all… it is totally worth it!

3. Allen Street Diner:

The Allen Street Diner is located across the street from WCA Hospital and the Boys and Girls Club on (you guessed it) Allen Street. It isn’t big, but great things CAN come in small packages. We know what you’re probably thinking… “diner” means average food. Well we’re here to tell you that there is NOTHING average about their food. They have some incredible pizza, sandwiches, and more but the highlight of their menu is their famous Rodeo Burger! The Rodeo Burger is an all-beef patty with traditional toppings plus an order of golden onion rings stacked inside the bun. It will take you a while to finish it off, but the experience it worth it!

Our Favorite: It is worth mentioning that Allen Street Diner’s pasta sauces are all homemade: red sauce, Parmesan cream sauce, and a spicy red meat sauce. Load any or all of them onto a signature meatball sub and BOOM… your taste buds will thank you!

2. Joe Z Coffee House

Located in Jamestown’s historic Forest Heights neighborhood, Joe Z Coffee House combines a classic coffee house with a vintage atmosphere. Owners Tom and Patty feature locally roasted beans from Stedman Corners Coffee Roasters in nearby Lakewood, New York. While the coffee is superb, the baked goods are what help land Joe Z at #2 on this list. Although it is limited, the menu features some mouthwatering dough, specialty cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats.

Our favorite: Tomato Pie! This Philadelphia food favorite found its way to Jamestown and in the words of Jamestown’s Mayor Sam Teresi: “That's how my mother used to make it!”

1. The Swamp

 The Swamp's pan fried wings are arguably some of the best Buffalo wings you'll find in Chautauqua County!

The Swamp's pan fried wings are arguably some of the best Buffalo wings you'll find in Chautauqua County!

Western New York is home to the Buffalo wing and we certainly have our fair share of favorites in Jamestown. If you’ve ever taken Jones and Gifford Road from the “big city” to Lakewood, you’ve definitely driven by this place: it is a small brown building with an alligator on the sign and (depending on the time of year) probably surrounded by water with a makeshift dock made of wood pallets to get you from the parking area to the front door. Don’t let the stacked pallet walkway fool you… because inside you’ll find some of the best chicken wings in Jamestown which is why they rank #1 on our list. You can get traditional BBQ, honey mustard, lemon pepper, butter garlic, and Buffalo style or try their famous cast iron Pan-Fried Swamp Wings!

Our Favorite: The pan-fried wings have the perfect amount of crunch, sweetness, spice, and sauce. If you’re anything like us, you will quickly become a “Swamper” and make this your new favorite eat-in or takeout wing spot. If you go, let us know. We might have you pick up an order for us!