An Artistic British Invasion

Jamestown becomes a colony this month—an artists’ colony, that is, for a team of painters, photographers, sculptors, performing artists, and film-makers from both sides of the Atlantic. It begins this Friday when “Colonize” opens at the 3rd on 3rd Gallery and the Dykeman-Young Gallery in downtown Jamestown. Both galleries will showcase art from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States.

In addition to the show openings this Friday, there will be other events featuring the artists as they share their skills, insights, and passion with the community. Longtime Jamestown artist and Essex native, Debra Eck, has partnered with SCI and Basement Arts, two art collectives based in the U.K., to bring this unique month of art to life in Chautauqua County.

Check out the links below to learn about this arts invasion coming to Jamestown. 

Colonize at 3rd on 3rd Gallery. Friday, 6 pm.

Colonize at Dykeman-Young Gallery. Friday, 8 pm.

Debra Eck


Basement Arts