I Spy JTNY Architectural Hunt Takes Focus

Architectural Hunt in Jamestown, NY. Jamestown has some of the best architecture in Chautauqua County. Join the community in trying to identify the more unique features of Jamestown's architecture

This week marks the start of "I Spy JTNY Architectural Hunt" presented by The Post-Journal, JRC, The Fenton History Center and WAKE UP! Productions.

I Spy is a community arts and architecture enrichment project that begins today and will run through the end of September. Every month, The Post-Journal will publish photos submitted by members of the greater Jamestown community. These photos will highlight interesting and sometimes unnoticed features of some of the city's most historic and aesthetically significant buildings. Area residents will then be encouraged to identify the building shown in the photo for a chance to participate in the culminating celebrations following the close of the contest.

Are residents are now welcome to submit their photos of the city's most beautiful landmarks.


All one has to do is grab a camera and take a walk or drive around the city in search of interesting architectural elements. Once one finds the perfect photo, send a copy of the image to IspyJamestownNY@gmail.com. All photos will be posted to WAKE UP! Productions' Facebook page, and some will be chosen for use in the contest to be published. All photos chosen for use in the contest will be printed, framed and featured in a live auction at the culmination celebration in the fall. All photographers featured in the contest will be awarded a prize package from the event sponsors for their participation.

The contest is open to anyone who has access to a working camera. Photographers of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to get out into the community and explore Jamestown through a different lens. All submissions will be featured on the WAKE UP! Productions website and at facebook.com/wakeuppro, and will also be eligible for prizes and inclusion in the event.

All one has to do is send an email to ISpyJamestownNY@gmail.com and attach a hi-resolution, jpeg copy of your image. Send emails with the subject "Photo Submission." Please include your name, age (optional), the name of the building and the best way to contact you for more information. Once the email has been sent, the image may be posted to WAKE?UP! Productions' Facebook page.

Photos must be submitted before the third Wednesday of every month to be eligible for that month's competition. All photos submitted will be eligible for use throughout the duration of the contest, not just the month in which they are submitted.

This project is made possible through the participation of The Post-Journal, The Fenton History Center, JRC, and WAKE UP! Productions.