Celoron, NY lighthouse ( photo Arlene Bonnett )

Celoron, NY lighthouse (photo Arlene Bonnett)


It's what turns an afternoon walk into an adventure and reading an ordinary book into a life changing experience. With breathtaking scenery at every turn and a wealth of learning opportunities nestled right next to the home of one of the nation's funniest redheads, is it any wonder passion would flow freely?

At first glance, it's easy to see why the seasoned outdoorsman and lifelong scholars are drawn to Jamestown. This scenic area overflows with a variety of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery in every season. Take a closer look, however, and you'll realize that Jamestown isn't just another pretty face.

As the year-round head of Chautauqua County, this conveniently located town is also a hub for culture and commerce. Here, laughter and knowledge are equally revered, creating an environment encouraging people and business to flourish.

From the timeless humor you'd expect of Lucille Ball's hometown to an entire community dedicated to lifelong learning—in Jamestown, you'll find endless elements that make life wonderful, all within easy reach.